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Our Cafe

Taking care of your body is important! The Juice Therapy Cafe offers customers the ability to nourish their body with high-quality organic ingredients while still keeping up with today’s fast-paced daily life.

Check back soon for a full background of the founder and owner!




We believe that you should only be fueling your body with organic ingredients that have been well sourced.

Give your body a break from processed foods and produce that has been sprayed with pesticides.


Enjoy organic fair-trade coffees and organic herbal Numi teas; cold-pressed juices and freshly blended smoothies made with organic produce; as well as bottled drinks from your favourite brands. We have vegan, gluten-free and nut-free snacks that are made fresh every day as well as tasty brand name treats!

Oatmeal Cookies
Scorpion Pose

Our Location

The Juice Therapy Cafe is located in the Oshawa Power Yoga studio. Visit their website, click here!

Are you a yogi? Order your drink before your class and it will be ready for you when your class is over! Enjoy the things you love and get right back into your daily routine!

Bring your own mug and or cup for a 10 cent discount!


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